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Hello, we are Conch Associates, a branding and design agency with a difference. Take a scroll with us (right) and we'll tell you more.
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Why Conch?

For thousands of years the call of the conch shell has brought people together. Its very presence is thought to bring good fortune, prosperity and help people communicate better.

‘Conch’ represents what we do.
We bring a commercial advantage to brands through memorable design solutions. Solutions that align with the brand, are skewered by the customer journey and optimise engagement to boost a brand’s bottom line.

We call it ‘Design Alignment.’

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What does Conch have to offer?

Everything you’d expect from an award winning design agency, but with a commercial focus. We empower and inject new life into brands (big and small) across all industry segments.

Ambient, Advertising, Brand Guidelines, Brand Strategy, Digital, Direct Mail, Exhibition Strategy and Design, Environments, Identities, Internal Communications, Literature, Packaging, Point of Sale, Signage and more, all aligned to the brand and customer journey.

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What is ‘Design Alignment’ when it’s at home?

Good question. It’s about:

  • Stimulating the conversations between a brand and its customers.
  • Aligning those conversations to the customer journey.
  • Understanding what we want customers to think and feel at every point in their journey to the brand.

Armed with this, we then deliver memorable, coherent (not matching luggage) design solutions, and an aligned brand that speaks with one voice.

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What are the values that make us tick?

Holisticism [hoh-lis-tiz-iz-uhm]

is much easier to explain than say. It’s taking a look at the bigger picture. Brands are entities, not a bunch of separate elements.

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is ‘deep diving’ into the customer journey to identify touch points and gain insight.

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Conch Associates is, and always will be, an ego-free zone. We care deeply about the work we do, but in our clients’ interests first, before our own.

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The big bang theory

It always starts with the idea, the bigger and more potent, the better. Keep it simple, clear, coherent, and effective.

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How do we align? Well, we start with a four part process.

Don’t you just hate process? Isn’t it the very antithesis of creativity? Amazingly, we think not. We see process as a helpmate, something that helps achieve understanding and insight and underwrites good thinking, good design and communications.

At risk of repeating ourselves, let’s just take you through it.


Creative expression


Understanding the market, competition, customers and their experience. Identifying the journey touch points, the way the brand works and appropriate conversations.

Deep diving

Unravelling the way people react to the brand, what it means, what it’s saying visually and verbally, consciously and unconsciously.


Using insights to build a clear vision, values and personality for the brand and its aspirations, testing for relevance, motivation and distinctiveness, working together to develop imagery and language.


Exploring the brand’s creative expression, the territory it occupies, its visual identity, tone-of-voice and projection at all the key touch points.

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Who are the key people?

Paul Watson, founder & Managing Director,

grew up in London’s leading advertising agencies. Spending his formative years in the agency that invented strategic planning... JWT.

For over a decade he was MD for two major network agencies in Manchester – JWT and Momentum. Working with blue chip brands he’s amassed considerable knowledge of brand marketing in leisure, FMCG, corporate, finance, automotive, DIY, retail and government. Recognising a need for Design Alignment he co-founded Conch Associates in 2012.

Steve Conchie, founder & Creative Director,

has spent close on 20 years at The Chase, one of the UK’s most awarded design agencies, solving brand and communication problems.

Along the way, he’s picked up numerous national and international awards in Benchmark, Clio, Fresh, the New York Festivals and the Roses, collecting nominations for D&AD, and has seen his work featured in three consecutive European Design Annuals.

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The company we’ve kept
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Conch Associates

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Steve Conchie +44(0)7811 121 083

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